For our first lesson in Introduction to Web Design we took a look at websites that suck and good vs bad.

A good example of a really bad website is http://www.bellads.info/, It is bad for many reasons which include:

  • There is no clear navigation to get to other pages (if there are any), this also means you never know what page you are (such as homepage or news).
  • The amount of images on the site can take a long time to load if you have restrictions on your internet usage this type of website would use you usage up quick.
  • There is multiple flash and quick-time items embedded on the page this slows down the loading of the page (or crash the browser as in my case) it also causes problems if they are all set to play at once.
  • The background images makes it impossible to read text which is on top of it, and means that you don’t know where to start reading from or what you should be reading.
  • The width and height of this website is also a big problem, the width is over 7000px where as an average website is from 900px to 1200px so most of the content from the website is not even for you to see.

To make a good website you need to make sure that there is a clear navigation, the colours work well with each other and the text is clearly readable, you should also try to use images that or not to big to not take you away from the text.


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