For our first trip with the university we went to the Turner Contemporary and looked around the Nothing in the World But Youth exhibition, The exhibition encompassed the excitement, energy and the pulsating creativity of the young, brining together over 200 works from 94 artists in an examination of youth and youth culture.

To goal of the trip was to develop our creative practice and with this in mind we were given a brief and asked to do 2 things before we went, The first was to reflect upon our own experiences of our youth and youth culture and to bring an object with us that represented this, and we also had to think of 3 words that represented the experiences of our youth.

My three words were: carefree, fun, happy
The image I chose to represent my youth is the leaving school jumper ‘Class of 09’, because for most young people this is the first time you know you are growing up.
While at the Turner Contemporary I did attempt to take photographs and video but was quickly asked to stop for copyright problems, most of the the images and content at the gallery were before my childhood but throughout all of the images, there is one thing that I feel was noticeable. The youth of then and still now are very self-determined and from the clashes with the police and protests believe they have the answer to all the problems without understanding the full reason to what they were fighting for.

When at the Turner Contemporary we were given another task, which was to observe how the artists in the exhibition have reflected on youth, and then as a group we need to construct a narrative, our group decided to right a small story to reflect our experiences on the gallery and our youth.

As a child I was care free, innocent and realised no dangers of the world, child play never changed, due to lack of responsibilities. I found myself in blissful innocence among a bleak period of time, as during childhood we were in our own little bubble.I would take each day as it came, with no worries of responsibility or consequence.When I got home from school my biggest stress was homework and finishing it as quick as I could to go outside and play or complete my newest game.Riots, murders or scandals played no part in my life. It did not matter.As I hit puberty life changed, I was selfish but I had worries. Fitting in with crowds, other people’s perception of you and your social standing kept me occupied. I would still ignore the rest of the world, I had my issues and my worries. That was enough.Looking back I realise this selfish behaviour, the innocence and the petty stresses were irrelevant. 10 years ago i would have found myself climbing a tree and now i find myself climbing a bigger tree.

How high will I get?


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