I have chosen to do the Advertising Brief from Windows Internet Explorer 9 because Web Design is my preferred topic which I have the most amount of knowledge in so I will try to use my knowledge of Web Design in this brief , To start with I read the brief a few times to fully make sure I understood what it was asking of me, I then made some notes/wrote small bullet points which broke down the brief to give me a list of points that I should make sure I look into further.

Below is my notes from reading the brief, these are the what I feel are the main points from the brief and what I will further research:

  • Trying to get people to visit new websites, blogs and webpages – Vast amount of colourful, wonderful world of the Internet.
  • Some browsers chrome encourage content bubbling which is directing users back to there most visited websites in an attempt to make there online behaviour more predicable and easier to server ads against.
  • Explore the Internet as fully as possible, get off the beaten track and see what cool stuff is out there.
  • The Internet is a rich and exciting place.
  • Targeting Internet savvy users
  • Insight our audience to become Internet explores
  • Tech trendsetters – 18-25
  • Curiosity
  • Find the next big thing
  • Stretch into the real world, from digital to physical; make a HTML5 work with a stunt or event or idea for the real world.
  • Drive downloads and usage of the current browser but does not need to be advertising in a tradition sense
  • Revitalise and challenge some of the existing pre-conceptions of the Internet explore brand
  • Make using internet explore say something positive about your attitude towards the internet
  • Have at least one digital and real world component
  • Create a short clear and concise presentation of how I would marry the real world experience with the digital experience.

To start with I have decided to research Internet Explorer and brainstorm IE and other browsers, I will look into past advertising campaigns and evaluate what I find out and see how I can use this research to put into my ideas, this will also help me stay inline with the brief and revitalise and challenge pre-conceptions of Internet Explorer as a brand.


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