After deciding we would like to do a cluedo type video, we have decided to start looking into music which we could possibly use in our video, after a lesson where we discussed this we need to make sure that the music we use is licensed under creative commons or make sure that we have the correct permission to use the music.

We started looking on soundcloud, some of the links we used are below:
http://soundcloud.com/tracks/search?q%5Bfulltext%5D=mystery&q%5Btype%5D=&q%5Bduration%5D=&q%5Bcc_licensed%5D=1&advanced=1 – Here is a link for a search for mystery music on soundcloud which would/could fit in with the music for our video and we will try to remember these while writing our script

Below is also a link which has links to other creative commons music website which we have used and looked through to help us get music we think may work for our video/script.


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