Today we had the first lecture which was an introduction into the module, and what the first leg of the year will involve, this is from notes I took during the lecture and all notes I read from the presentation/notes on blackboard, from this I have understood this is what is expected from me:

  • To team up with 4-6 other like minded people
  • Form an agency from which we will work together on a defined brief
  • As a team decide on an agency name
  • Between on decided on a corresponding agency slogan

I have from this managed to form with 3 like-minded people to work on this module with, one of the members will be changing groups so that we can become a group, the members of the team as of this post date are:

  • Daniel Sheen
  • Tam McDonald
  • Kam Panesar

To start creating an agency name we put the first initials of our name together which is TDCK and this gave us TDCK Designs but after some research we thought this would be a difficult name to try and remember, so we came up with Aurora Designs, the Aurora part is fresh and modern and could mean that we are bringing our clients of the of the dark and into the Aurora.

Another part of todays work was to find out I feel I am confidant in, so this is what I came up with:

  • Web Design
  • Coding
  • Working in a a team environment
  • Hard working individual

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