Following on from the last lecture, we have finalised our group details and members, our members are as follows:

  • Kam Panesar
  • Cameron Lewis
  • Daniel Sheen
  • Tam McDonald

In todays lecture we took a look at the different types of agency’s that are currently out there and the different approaches and styles that they take:

  • Tomato (This is a collective)
  • One Big Company (This is a full service)
  • Pentagram (This is a partnership)
  • The Chase (This is a full service)

Below are some of the job titles which you will/do normally find within a design agency:

  • Owner/Principle – This the highest and the most important role within the company and comes with the most authority
  • Creative Director – This person will come up with designs/model types within the company
  • Art Director – This person is an artistic person within the company and comes up with the artistic features
  • Senior Director – This person would be in charge of the design team within the company
  • Middleweight Designer – This is a person that would come in temporally or on work experience
  • Junior Designer – This person would be new and and would have most likely recently finished eduction such as university
  • Art worker – This person would come up with art and produce print within the company
  • Production Worker – This person would produce the final products
  • Project Co-ordinator – This person would be in charge, manage and then co-ordinate the team so everyone knows what they are doing in this project/agency

We then started to look at organisations charts for a design agency,we did this to make sure we have a good understanding of this, but also for us as a group to see where we all fit in within the organisation chart, for when we start forming our agency more.

This is an image which we found as a group while in lecture, the left image shows an organisation chart which you would find in most companies, well the one of the right side shows the organisation chart for Disney, they are both organisation charts but disney have shown there own way of doing  things.

Here are some websites which we looked in lecture and we looked at how they have used there logo and branding to create there agency:

  • Th Chase
  • Wolfee Design
  • Arnold Worldwide
  • Marine Studios

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