The lovely people from Web Carrot came and gave us a visit during our last lecture wich had some fun and important information, the designer and owner of the web design agency which is based in Ashford talked about the key area’s of his company and give us an insight into how Red Carrot as an agency works and how they communicate and work with there clients.

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 18.55.48


While they were discussing how they work and what they work with, they introduced us to Expression Engine which is a publicising platform which they use on all there websites, it helps then to style, and maintain the projects ait also means that anyone from the team can edit/add to the site, and because they use a singular CMS system, everyone only has to be taught one time, saving money and time.

While they were here they gave us an insight into how they budget and how they charge there websites, there are three different prices for web designers which are:

High End – Top quality sites designs and a price tag to match
Mid Range – Not too cheap and not to expensive but still have a top quality finish (Red Carrot uses this model)
Low Range – Not of a high standard and often just templates

During the design and development stages they use these stages in an order that matches the clients needs to design and create the final website:

  • Sitemap
  • Wireframe
  • Design
  • Development

There is also a number of websites available from Google that they use to test out there website, recently Google has changed the algorithm for how a website is placed on the search results, your website needs to have content which is relavant to the search, the website needs to load fast and the data needs to be structured, depending on these on your website will tell how high up the search results you go, Google offer websites for you to test these dependances on your site.

They ended the session with telling us what they look for in an applicant:

  • Work experience gained in the past
  • A portfolio
  • Any existing projects

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