Following up on our lecture on 10th October 2012 we did some practise work together and some idea thinking, for the following week after the date above, we have been given a task to complete to start forming our agency, for next week we need to split these jobs and roles between us:

  • Logo
  • Branding
  • Organisation Chart
  • Job Titles
  • How do we intend to answer the brief
  • An about us page for brief

Working as a team… we decided to work as a team and share the work out between us and then meet up before the next lecture to make any changes and then also finalise anything that we may not have been able to do, the roles are as follows:

  • Cameron – It was my responsibility to answer the brief alongside everyone else and also help with the job titles
  • Kam – It was Kams responsibility to start to produce the organisation chart and also help the answer the brief
  • Tam – It was Tams responsibility to start doing research/designs for the logo and then also help answer the brief with the rest of us
  • Daniel – It was Dans responsibility to look at job titles with myself and then also answer the brief

Once we have done some work and come together there will be a follow post on this post.


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