Following up on my last past here is what we found after doing our research, in the end we came together and most of the work done below was done together at university:

Kam – We all decided on our roles within the agency and then Kam started to put this into the organisation chart, this was his first attempt at the chart – via Kam’s Blog, link to first attempt organisation1.jpg, when then decided as a team that the logo should be in this organisation chart.

So we then came up with this one, again image is via Kam’s blog orgv2.jpg, then again after discuses as a team we decided that the colours should match up with a our logo design so this was the final organisation chart which we all agreed on.

Tam – Tam took on the role as trying to create our logo for the agency, he came up with a design which we all quickly agreed on and so took on, which can be seen above in the organisation chart.

Daniel – We all worked with Daniel, including me to put together our job list, which defines what our jobs are and what we are required to do and expected off, the document can be found for you to download and read here – Aurora Designs Job Titles-Final

I worked with all of the above to help produce the final versions, together we all created our brief which can be found here – Our Brief Final


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