Below is my notes from lecture written for me to make sense of I, first we we’re introduced to alignment, shown below:



___________________             – This is flushed left




This is flushed right –          _______________________


This is centred-





Finally this is Justified




We then touched upon ligatures, these are an elegant way of which showing typographic, fondness ligatures create a single character out of two, with numbers, old style figures are designed to work within the text but at the same time lining figures, smart quote, you should always make sure you turn on smart quotes and have ligatures on.

There is also swash letters, these style the text make with this make sure you use moderation in how much you use them, you can also use punctuation, ellipsis (…), hyphen M and N dashes, smart quotes, brackets, bullets, currency and ampersands, after researching these and talking about these our tutor then set us a task of experimenting with a piece of text to make it more eye-catching, below is a picture from lecture where-as the second task was to make it look as boring as you could.


Although the following I find actually looks simple and effective, and If I was to be laying this text out, I would use this way, the text is justified in the middle.


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