Following on with work and research undertaken in lecture time, we we’re given homework to pick a typeface and download/find them in a minimum of 6 weights and then spend time researching them from who designed them to why they did, and then find out where the typeface is being used to date, these were the list of fonts in which we could use:


From these font’s I decided to Gill Sans, the history of Fill Sans starts with Edward Johnston’s iconic typeface Johnson Sans, it was designed for use on the London Underground in 1913, Eric Gill who studied along with Edward Johnston, and who later became a close friend and apprentice, and even had a small role in creating the typeface.


The gill sans  family ranges from light to exaggerated ultra bold, —“because every advertisement has to try and shout down its neighbors,” Gill explains in Essay on Typography.

Gill Sans is still used loads today, in places you probably won’t even have noticed or seen:


From my extensive research there is a key thing that I have found to be important and something I should base my continued work on: Inconstancies (from the fact that between the font-family’s range from thin to bold, they are very inconsistent and don’t follow a design easily).

A large amount of research was from this website: http://idsgn.org/posts/know-your-type-gill-sans/


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