After we had finished creating our agency, we as a team where given a real live brief given my Sittingbourne grey hound racing which would have to answer for real, together as an agency we have to get the ideas, get concepts together and then at the end we have to pitch the work to the client/clients, this is something that as a group we are worried about but working together I’m pretty confident we can do this.

We all put in what our strengths were good at, these are mine:

  • Web Design
  • Team work
  • Managing a group
  • Coding apps
  • Being positive

Presentation about our agency – This is about our first presentation we did about our agency to the class (previous post also has more information with more supporting evidence) Our first logo we used in this presentation is shown below (this was changed after feedback, shown in previous blog post):

Being made CEO of the agency, I took it upon myself to make sure that I was maintaining the group and guiding them, so I helped put together the presentation, and alongside this I made notes for every member of the team, which is available on there blogs, I made myself notes on my iPad, and also made sure to make a note of the others, incase of any absents from the presentation.

For the presentation we also produced a poster, which had to represent us and how we work with our clients and also promoting ourselves, as a team we discussed many different ways we could approach this, we decided on the one below, the reason’s behind this are that we are all in a line, this represents that we are a team and we work together on your project, the client is then at the top to show they are the most important and we work for them as a team:

We also did some mock up website design’s which lead us to our final design that you will see in later blog posts:

After discussing the mock-up’s I/we finished the website and made it live, you can check out our final website for our agency at http://www.weareaurora.net/ 


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