On the 24th October 2012, we all met up in lecture to discuss our next steps on how we were gong to answer the brief which had been set by us, we were give the Going to the Dog Racing brief, the brief was in a quick conclusion trying to get people back to watch/betting on dog racing, there was some key points that we were given in the brief and based on these we set out how would research what.

Being CEO, it was my responsibility to make sure we was all doing a fair share of the work, so a Facebook group was created were we could post and share anything, on the 24th October I posted on the group (based on work together) what we all needed to do, this was also to make sure the work was evenly shared out: my post was as follows:


Everyone in the group then posted all there research in word documents, as agreed when we met in person, I was going to take everyone’s uploaded documents and combine it all into one easy to read summary document that we could through which can be found here – Going to the Dogs _ Research Summary-1, this document was put together by myself featuring all the other team members work and my own and this document will be used from now on for looking through or research.

Next steps > We are going to meet at university, to discuss from our research what concepts we can come up with and we should go forward, these are the list of meetings we had/have planned:

10/10/12 – This is the first lecture were we formed our group which as from previous posts is, Me, Daniel Sheen, Tam McDonalds and Kamaldip Panesar
17/10/12 – This meet up we made the website and we also made the poster design, we worked as a team and we was also given the brief
24/10/12 – In this meet up we researched the company and any other issues relating to dog racing
30/10/12 – In this meet up we discussed  how we where going to answer the brief, what steps we should take from now on, our next steps as an agency, we created an online survey and sent it out to the student at university, we also went through the brief and I then as CEO shared out the work between us all so by next lecture we would have mockups and research on where we should:


07/11/12 – We sorted out our websites based on feedback given by our tutor/group, we came up with more ideas and possible concepts, we created more mockups and again more research
613/11/12 – Worked together on presentation together, we rehearsed our presentation, we put final touches on our presentation and we all finished our blogs

Kam was in-charge of the survey and also set up the survey, the statistics from the survey and the answers can be seen in these images that Kam posted on his blog:


These images are from work that was done as a team, but the images are hosted on Kam’s blog, I felt there was no point me re-upload these images and it was a team project so we shared our work.



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