Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 10.59.08Following on my previous blog post, I have started to do some research and experimentation this post is about the slider menu which was in my sketches, and presentation, After doing some extensive research I managed to reproduce a slider menu much alike the Facebook iPhone/Android application for the web, and example of this in action can be seen here – http://sws.canterbury.ac.uk/cml19/CWD/Slider_Test/ (Before viewing this link, this is an unfinished experimental preview of the site to this date, many things are broken, the focus of this upload is the menu button in the top left hand corner).

Using just my experimental design (not a finished responsive site or validity checked, the slider itself does work and gives the impression of a slide out meny with controls, there is a few things that are not quite perfect though, performance is the biggest issue, because of the whole site being moved, this creates a lag even on my MacBook Pro, so this is something I will need to look into more, to see if this will affect the performance/loading time of the final site, but the slider menu itself does work.


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