All of our research, meetings, facebook group chats, and lecture time, had come to this:

To start with we meet up and we put together all our information into the powerpoint, once we were happy with this when then practiced and planned our powerpoint, we even video’ed us doing our presentation so we could watch back and see where we could improve, this practice video can be seen here – 14 November 2012 14:40 (Hosted on Facebook, depending on your privacy settings you may not be able to see the video, email cameron@cameronmlewis.com if you want a .mp4 copy).

This is a copy of our final powerpoint after all our changed – AuroraPresentationPPT-Final

Conclusion of module, and team work:

I enjoyed working in a group, and we managed to all get on with only a few disagreements, When we all were together we were able to work as a team to accomplish what we needed and get the work completed, the only problem we did have was time/travel to university to work together as not everyone was local, but we managed to combat this problem most the time by setting up a private Facebook group which we still use now.

I tried to be clear and fair being CEO, I shared work out to the team and made sure that we all had an even input, everyone had a even share of the work and we all completed what we needed to do including me, so I would say that our presentation and agency was a success.

If we were to be given another project or live brief to work from I think we would need to plan our time more, try to do some more in-depth research and visit the location in hand, but as a conclusion the group worked well and I think we produced some great work.


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