We have started work on our assignment, which is too create a mash-up which has to have a meaning or show a message, the assignment has been split into two parts, the first half of the hand-in will be our visual mash-up and then the second half will be to write up an essay explaining and talking about the meaning behind the image, I start with I decided to research what the term means to make sure I fully understand what I’m creating.

What does the term ‘Mash-Up’ mean?

A mash-up is visual content which contains anything from text, images to animation or videos, when these are linked together you are able to get your message across sometimes in a powerful way, if through your content you can decipher a message, then you have created a mash-up.

Research into Mash-Up’s

We have been shown loads of different mash-ups from videos, to images, but this is one which we was shown in lecture which illustrates it’s message well:


Below is some which I found showed there message well, and which are some of my favourites:

Mick Donalds (McDonalds)

Digg (Bing)


I’ve got quite a few things from doing this research, one is that the mashup does not need to be complicated or even amazingly photocopied or edited for your message to get across for example the three above where quite simple to replicate yet you understand them easily and these message is conveyed, from this research I have started to come up with some initial ideas which are:

Idea 1 – It’s been difficult trying to get ideas, but after randomly using my Apple laptop, so I thought how can I use this brand to try and mashup an image with it, that’s when I started doing research, when products came out who invented them and so on… my first bit of research was on the mouse, Apple invented the mouse, but Microsoft released the first mouse, then into the now, Microsoft creates tablet computers, Apple released an iPad and claimed they owned it/invented it, much alike the moue.

From this my idea was that I could do an image mashup with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and with the tablets and mouses, with them overlapped, some things faded into each other, so that is shows a confusing selection of products showing that no one truly knows products came out and who invented stuff, in the essay this could then easily be written to include the history and other things from Apple and Microsoft, I’m not sure who easily this will show in the image though.

Idea 2 – My second idea is a little simpler and I think that I will be easy to convey my message, the London 2012 olympics was a success but didn’t live up to exceptions from  growth all the way to economic advantages, and I think there is large amount’s I could potentially write about on this issue and I could easily get my message across with a graphics image, using the London 2012 logo I could try and  put the images/content into the logo, although this will need more planning to follow through with this idea.


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