I decided to go with the London 2012 idea, I thought I could visualise it better and had more to talk about regarding the future essay, we have been told that we should show all our research and make sure we spend a total of 10 hours on research, so below I have put research and time everything took:

Research – : I spent what spent like a whole day looking around the internet at possible ways I could take this mashup, I was unsure who to show it all on my blog, so the easiest way I thought was to give links and videos to things i discovered:


These were the few news posts that stuck out for me and gave me the facts and possible different outcomes that the olympics could of had and how it maybe did not live up to them standards.

I am really pleased with how the mashup finally turned out and I could not see an easier way to put my message across, and I think in my essay I will be able to contextualise what you are seeing, I will talk about statistics and what the pre expectations where and how it actually was.

London 2012 Logo – http://wallpapersup.net/wallpapers/2012/04/London-2012-Olympics-Sport-2048×2048.jpg

Government Image – http://cdn2.spectator.co.uk/files/2012/07/14328.jpg

Stock Image  –http://futurepredictions.com/2011/10/future-predictions-marc-faber-on-bubbles-volatility-and-intervention-will-2011-shape-up-for-a-year-end-stock-serge-or-collapse/

Coins –  http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2010/12/30/1293726391663/piles-of-pound-coins-007.jpg

** The other 2 images which are not listed here where hosted and found on a London 2012 fansite which has after creating the piece disappeared from the internet, I am going to try and find this images on the internet to re source them here. **


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