To start this module and get on with designing my magazine redesign, I need to find a magazine that is problematic, I first went out and got a handfull of magazine from which I could read and from there decide on a magazine to take further with this project.


After getting feedback from tutors and class-mates on this, it was a hard decision, because they are all well known magazines and all quite successful, my chosen idea I took to lecture with me was the New Statesman, this had mixed views in lecture with some saying it was already fine and how could I change it, while others saying I could possibly change the target audience to a younger audience. From this I decided I would take on the challenge and attempt to redesign this magazine. Below is some images of the magazine and some problems I have potentially seen a can improve in the redesign.


The homepage is quite boring, and if re-designed could potentially reach a younger audience, I do like the news items breakdown at the bottom, and this would be something I would like to incorporate into my design still.


For the first page you see, I don’t feel this is a good start to the magazine that there is a full page advertisement, from this you can clearly see that magazine is targeting business men and woman, and the older generation, being an advertisement for a road campaign.  The next page you then see is the contents page, this page is also very plan and simple, although it is broken down into categories which are easy to ready the text is all very close and can be difficult to tell exactly what you are looking at with so much text on the page.


The next page is the first featured page this page has content spread wide across it, with large amounts of blank white space, which is a waste of space for the reader, and could be improved?


From this image above you can see there is large amounts of adverts within this all targeting the older generation.


There is large amounts of text on these pages, making it hard to read.


… the same on this page.


The text and images on this page, do not work well together, with is sometimes being hard to work out what image goes with what piece of text at first glance.



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