Below is research into magazine anatomy from lecture and reading articles online:

Spread – This is two pages next to each other in a book or even a magazine.

Art – From graphics to even a photo can be art and lastly illustration.

Headline – This would be the headline or the opening title to a page or article.

Deck – Mostly used for a featured section within a magazine, it’s the synopsis paragraph with the information on what you are about to read in the article or page.

Byline – This is the who it’s by part so this could be ‘Artwork by Cameron Mark Lewis’

Caption – Found on photos to give meaning to an image or artwork.

Folio – This contains the magazines name and issue date and depending on the design can also have the page number.

Crop marks – The crop marks, for example when you print by a PDF it defines the pages edges for you.

Bleed – This is the overlap, the colour or image over the edge of the page so when the page is trimmed none of the colour is missed of the print.

Registration – These are markers that help the printer make sure CMUK palettes are in the right place to print.

Margin – This is the white space around a page.

Grid – Generally magazines have a 3 column grid, how-ever you decide to design a magazine you must always use a grid.

Baseline – Aligns the text to sit on the line across the page, called a baseline grid.

Gutter – This is the space in-between the columns.

Body – The body text is the main text of the magazine.

Credit – This is where all of the arts in the magazine are to be credited, for example a photo by….

Subhead – Subhead is like the main header but generally used to break up long text.


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