Now that I know my chosen magazine I am going to redesign, I now need to write my brief, below is the following structure of my brief and the guidelines I will adhere to.

Task: Redesign the New Statesman

1.    Background

The New Statesman is a weekly magazine, which was founded in 1913 by Sidney and Beatrice Webb. It is committed to “development, human rights and the environment, global issues the mainstream press often ignores” and the magazine is generally known as having a center-left political position. The cost to obtain this magazine is £3.50 weekly, and it heavily features works from many different writers, professionals and enthusiasts.

2.    Design Problems

a.    A very spacious magazine, not utilizing all the space on the pages, leaving large spaces blank and unused.
b.    There is a lack of hierarchy when it comes to images and how they are positioned on the pages. I feel that better placement of images partially on news articles.
c.    Lack use of colour, throughout the magazine there is limited colours other than the red shades used by the logo. I feel better use of colour would make it more appealing.
d.    Cover has a dated look and feel and targets a very specific audience; better use of imagery and text could improve this.
e.    Better use of grids or a more complex format, with the introduction to a better consistency would help with the design.

3.    The Redesign

During the course of the redesign I will aim to look at as many different elements as possible, to reach the younger audience, yet keep the current, I will introduce more colours and more consistent theme of grids, this will also mean expanding upon the current audience to those who are students and the younger generation. This will rejuvenate the content found in the magazine and reclaim the current target audience.

Being unable to change the tone of voice within the magazine, I will be only changing the layout and the visual experience to breath new life and interest into the magazine. I feel being doing so, it will gain the new younger audience and drive more passion to the current audience. A new colorful visually exciting feel will be adopted with more consistency across spreads, which will result in the onlooker being more intrigued and inspired.

4.    Requirements

a.    I will introduce a new colour palate based around 2/4 colours.
b.    Form will stay at the current size, so that it can easily fit in bags.
c.    Paper stock will be changed to a higher quality, for more durability.
d.    Better use of space, simplistic layout, with a sense of space and scale thought out and bought into the design.
e.    Improved navigation on the contents page and throughout the magazine.
f.     A redesigned logotype, which is up to date with the current generation.


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